Vannamei Shrimp Meat


FISHMONK WHITE LEG白對蝦潔白透明,晶瑩剔透。作為日常家常小菜常用的蝦種之一,料理方式千變萬化,不難在各式中西料理中找到牠的縱影。南美白對蝦,原產地在墨西哥與中南美洲直到秘魯的太平洋沿岸,現時主要產自越南、中國、泰國及厄瓜多爾等地。南美白對蝦養殖產業發展迅速,引起養殖生產的安全的多方討論。FISHMONK的南美白對蝦採自越南獲ASC認証的負責任養殖場,養殖此蝦時確保了最嚴格的水質管理、飼料及用藥監控,讓我們在品嚐這細緻的蝦味時免除對濫用抗生素及激素催生的擔憂。FISHMONK WHITE LEG白對蝦在健康、質素、價錢上力求平衡。在品嚐此優質美味的同時,負責任養殖的方向更讓我們都能為美好的世界會心微笑。


Perhaps you did not notice, it has always been by your side.

FISH MONK’s WHITE LEG is pure white glittering and translucent. No matter in Chinese or Western dishes, it is common to see this species used in varied styles of home cooking. WHITE LEG, originated from Mexico and South-eastern United States till the coastal area of Pacific Ocean in Peru, now mainly found in Vietnam, China, Thailand and Ecuador etc. WHITE LEG boosts the shrimp aquaculture industry swiftly, resulting in multi-discussions about the safety issue of aquaculture. FISHMONK’s WHITE LEG is bred in ASC certified farm, where the strictest controls of water quality, feed and medication are guaranteed. Customers can enjoy the delicate shrimp aromas without worrying about overdose of antibiotics and hormones. FISH MONK’s WHITE LEG strives for balance among aspects in terms of health, quality and price. Apart from enjoying its finest taste, we are also endeavouring to a better future through the prospect of creating sustainable aquaculture.