White Clam


自古以來,越南南部的社區與漁業共生共息。那裡有豐富的蛤蜊資源,然而直到二十世紀初,政府的漁業管理舉措沒有鼓勵當地漁民可持續地收穫蛤蜊。在增加生產量的壓力下,漁民開始收穫未成熟的蛤蜊達到生產規模,令當地蛤蜊漁業幾近崩潰。過去十年,該地區漁業總監Nga夫人透過溫和的勸導和認真的教育,把當地漁業引向新的可持續發展之路。Nga一直致力於建立一個有效的合作型管理體系,讓社區成員互相平等共同合作,確保漁業的未來。她組建了由9000多個社區成員組成的8個漁業合作社,使村民能夠共享海洋資源。FISHMONK THE BEN TRE SHELL是透過當地村民親手用耙逐顆收穫出來。合作社的每位成員均獲一定配額,詳細訂定允許收穫的白蜆數量,令當地蛤蜊資源與漁業得以可持續發展。

This white clam saves the entire clam fishery in Vietnam.
Community of Southern Vietnam has inextricably tied to fishery down through the ages. There exists an abundant supply of clams. Yet, until the early 2000s, the government’s fishery management initiatives failed to incentivize local fishers to harvest clams sustainably. Under raising pressure to boost production, fishermen who lack environmental understanding, started collecting immature clams that had not yet reached a productive size. This act led to the near collapse of local clam fishery. Over the past decade, through gentle persuasion and careful education, Mrs. Nga, the Fisheries Director in Bến Tre, has steered the fishery onto a new and sustainable course. Mrs. Nga has been instrumental in establishing an effective cooperative-based management system, which allows equal collaboration of the community members to assure the future of fishery. Furthermore, she formed 8 fishing cooperatives comprised by over 9000 community members to share their marine resources. Each cooperative collects THE BEN TRE SHELL using only their hands and small hand-rakes. They are given a certain quota detailing the number of clams they can harvest, such that the local clam fishery can be further pursued sustainably.


100%採自越南南部BEN TRE 社區

100% Sea Caught in Vietnam BEN TRE community