Pangasius Fillet


鯰魚,原產自越南,可算是當今世上最普遍被食用的魚種之一。銀灰色,無鱗,因為咀邊長了六根長長的鬍鬚,故另有別名,叫作貓魚 Catfish。只有成長在清澈明淨的水質環境,才能飼養出健康味美的鯰魚。FISHMONK 的PANGA BOCOURTI 獲ASC負責任水產養殖認證,水質、飼料等有嚴格監控,以確保優秀的水質條件。每一塊略帶粉嫩光澤的純白鯰魚柳,得來不易,都是漁民花盡心血及經年累月才能養成的新鮮魚味。

This is the most ordinary fish, yet at its highest quality of choice we can provide you with.

 PANGA BOCOURTI, originated from Vietnam, can be considered as the largest number of fish type consumed in the world. The silver-gray alepidote is also known as Catfish – for its six lengthy whiskers around the mouth. Only by being raised in water of crystalline purity, can the pangasius fish be served as exceptional delicacy. FISH MONK’s PANGA BOCOURTI receives Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification – water and feeds are under rigorous monitoring routine, to ensure the seafood at its first-string condition. Every single piece of lustrous fillet with tenderness is the fruit of fisherfolks’ painstaking efforts year by year.



FISHMONK Pangasius fillet is from 100% sustainable certified fish