食材成分純粹,高達八成的純魚肉製成,口感相對結實,沒有那種習以為常的爽口彈牙,就是想讓您嚐一口真正魚蛋的美味。這是魚蛋,也不只是魚蛋。FISHMONK 魚蛋所採用的魚肉只採用獲ASC認證負責任養殖的鯰魚肉攪制而成,這意味著每一粒魚蛋都是可追溯的。


Never have one imagined that fish ball could be like this.

 FISHBALL is made of more than 80% pure fish flesh. Unlike the usual tenderly chewy mouthfeel, it is more of an al-dente one. We hope to serve you with the delicacy of a real fish ball. It is not merely a fish ball. FISH MONK adopts only ASC certified fish flesh to make FISHBALL, symbolizing that each single fish ball is pure and traceable. FISHBALL, in fact, can be environmentally friendly.