Tiger Prawn Meats

還記得嗎?第一次嚐到虎蝦的鮮甜美味、結實口感時的心動。FISHMONK BLACK IN MAGIC 虎蝦仁同樣來自越南湄公河旁養分肥沃的紅樹林區域。這裡是一個虎蝦的天然養殖場,一個生態系統完整的環境,不需要添加飼料放養,虎蝦靠著河中的藻類與浮游生物供食共生,一個回到原點、反璞歸真的漁業概念,天然且可持續發展。像是魔法一樣,以去殼蝦仁的形態把原始蝦味呈現在您眼前,尋回食物的初衷。

Look for the genuine flavour.
Do you still remember? The fluttering feelings held when you first tried the chewy yet lusciously-juiced tiger prawn meat. FISH MONK’s BLACK IN MAGIC as well comes from the fertile mangrove area near Vietnam’s Mekong River. There is a natural tiger prawn farm, where a complete eco-cycle can be sustained without any feed. Tiger prawn meat depends on algae and plankton to survive – showing a fishery concept of going back to nature sustainably. In the form of deshelled tiger prawn meat, as if it’s magic, we present you the first-hand shrimp flavour – to find back your innermost desire towards food.


100% Responsible farmed in Vietnam